Final Presentation!

Screencast showcasing the final design and functions of Happy May 1!

Benchmark 2

The latest and greatest eachnewday. Check out how it has changed.

Benchmark 2

Benchmark 1

We all have to start somewhere and this is the starting point for me!

Check out the screencast for benchmark1 and

[As a sidenote: if anybody is having trouble uploading an image to WordPress let me know. Maybe it was just me, but I had to go through some loops to get it to work, and I will gladly share what I did to fix it.]

The Final Call

A look at the conclusion of Dan Gillmor’s “Mediactive.”

Published Lives

Using Storify has allowed me to compile thoughts, facts, and opinion from multiple sites. Through this tool, I have begun to examine the topic of how social media is changing the way people share their lives, and build their communities.

Bravely Creating

Blog Post #3 Dan Gillmor’s Mediactive Ch. 5-6

Communication, Collaboration, Community


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