Final Screencast

Here’s a look at my final screencast! And a link just in case!

Plug-Ins/Helpful Ideas

Hi classmates!

I think if we were in a tangible classroom we would probably share more with each other about how we are actually creating our sites and in general be sounding boards for each other. Since we are in a virtual setting, we might as well still try to help each other out.

Below are links to the more helpful plug-ins I have been using on my site. Feel free to post anything that has been helpful for you guys as well! Hopefully this can be of use to someone!

If anyone is looking for a good and easy plug-in to use for submission forms I used Form Manager.

The great “print page” plug-in that I found is called Print Friendly and PDF

For my contact form I used Contact Form 7

Another useful one is My Page Order, which pretty much does what it says and makes your site a lot more logical. 

Benchmark 2!

Take a look at my updated website here!

Benchmark 1

Take a look at the infant stage of my website!

Why pay for something you can get for free?

In this Storify, I discuss the “money” problem occurring in journalism today!

Incorporating Mediactive into My Life

Here I discuss a few ways I will be using principles from Mediactive in my own social media and online presence.



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